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Ruth Liberman, Kerstin Roolfs, and The Classic Heads by Sylvia Schuster

Exhibition Dates: November 1-17, 2000 and November 29-December 21, 2000
(Extended Through January, 2001)
Reception: Wednesday, November 29, 6-8 pm

MESSINEO WYMAN PROJECTS is pleased to announce our exhibition: Ruth Liberman, Kerstin Roolfs and The Classic Heads by Sylvia Schuster Shown salon style at 525 West 22nd Street, Suite 5D, on Wednesday through Friday afternoons from 12-6pm, and by appointment. The exhibition features the conceptual works of Ms. Liberman in various media and the bold expressionistic paintings of Kerstin Roolfs. The work on display by Ms. Schuster features a selection of eight heads, influenced by a neo-classical style, demonstrated by the simple use of chalk and ink on paper.

Ruth Liberman's work consists of stories of people in extreme situations passed on through letters, confessions, journals, testaments, court hearings or historical accounts. Ms. Liberman works with text rather than imagery. The Artist's main medium for the past 8 years has been carbon typewriter film ribbon, as exemplified in the work "Petrikau 26. 7. 43" (typewriter film carbon and tape on vinyl). This seminal work refers to an unpublished personal account by a German army officer in the SS-occupied Jewish Ghetto in Poland, while the Ghetto was being shut down and the occupants deported or killed.

Kerstin Roolfs' black and white oil on linen paintings are based on real images, which carry forward the traditional format of portraiture to produce beautiful yet disturbing images. In the tradition of Francis Bacon, Ms. Roolfs' paintings reinterpret a unique vision of the human form. This is also evidenced in her Infant Prodigy Series, in which Ms. Roolfs produced her own drawings of the pathologies/anatomies on display at the Institute of Pathology of the Medical Faculty (Charite), at the Humbold University in Berlin. They are disquieting drawings of deformed babies.

Sylvia Schuster's Classic Heads show us the human form in perfection, while conveying emotional turbulence through facial expression. They exist here together as eight separate works. The combination of ink, chalk and paper actually creates a clay ground, which produces a rich, 3-dimensional surface, rife with imperfections. Ms.Schuster breaks the aesthetic ideals usually associated with the notion of classicism by according greater importance to the individuality of expression, and uses a mathematical symmetry freed from the irregularities which are present in living people.

For More Information Please Contact Helene Greenberg- Wyman or Meryl Messineo at 212-414-0827


Kerstin Roolgs
Oil on Linen
72 x 60 inches

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