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There There

am interested in the act of re-ordering the ordinary and in the relationship between objects comprised of seemingly commonplace elements and their representation.

There there’ consists of a body of photographs that reference the archeological/scientific photography practice of documenting ancient relics or forensic evidence in a clear and straightforward manner.  However the subject matter of the series centers on fabricated found objects and homemade ready-mades, very subjective objects documented objectively and somewhat obsessively.

Each object acts as a model, posing for its portrait, self-contained on the blank stage of a monochromatic field of black or white from which to address the audience/viewer.  These models and sometimes actors are often themselves photographs that are treated as objects (torn, crumpled, folded, collaged) and then rephotographed.  They are representations of representations that often result in narrative fragments recalling forgotten and unknown moments in time.

It is the discourse between the layers of representation and the distance between the objects and their description that impels the making of the work, which I consider to be an investigation into the language of visual poetry and an attempt to find meaning in disorder by way of cataloguing the artifacts of personal experience.

Celeste Fichter
Summer 2004

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